Why Your Business Needs SaaS

SaaS, software as a service, is not a luxury, even for small businesses. A company sundae bar or gold-appointed fixtures in the employee restroom are luxuries. SaaS gives companies access to the latest technology in a safe and affordable manner. If you are still buying software for your business, you are doing your bottom line a disservice. SaaS simply makes more sense than ownership in a number of ways.


The constant improvements in software give your business new and better ways to tackle almost every aspect of your workflow. With the right software, you can speed up manufacturing processes, streamline sales pipelines and improve customer service. With an on-premise system, these never-ending improvements can leave you paying for yesterday's software today. When you subscribe to SaaS, you pay an affordable monthly fee that can easily be incorporated into your budget. The initial cloud setup is also less expensive than installing an on-premise system. Plus, you won't need to continually search and pay for the latest and best software products. Your SaaS provider will make those programs available to you.


If you keep your software system on site, you may retain physical control, but you also retain all the maintenance issues. With SaaS, your provider has numerous backups to protect your programs in the case of minor glitches. If a significant issue develops, their team of experts will be able to correct the problem quickly, limiting your downtime. Unless you too have a large IT department, chances are a problem on site can wreck your business for hours or even days. Plus, SaaS offers automatic updates to software, which means you won't have to handle lengthy and costly update processes. Instead, your employees can focus on their work.


You need help to keep your data secure. In 2018, business giants such as Marriott and Facebook.suffered data theft that cost them financially and reputationally. Hackers also target smaller businesses, and these bad actors become more sophisticated by the day. A cloud-based SaaS service can better protect your data with the latest methods, such as incorporating AI technology into their security measures. Any on-premise protections are bound to be more rudimentary and easier for hackers to crack.


Going with a SaaS company may seem like the opposite of embracing personalization, but that is not the case. SaaS allows for programs to be customized for your particular business needs. Your system can be set up to reflect your previous business practices and your future goals. You get the features that you need without being overwhelmed by too many options. In short, you don't have to deal with the kitchen sink if you don't want to.

SaaS for your business makes sense on a number of levels. It's affordable while giving you access to the most advanced software. It frees you from many maintenance and security worries, and it can be customized for your company's needs. You may like the idea of owning your own software and running it on your own system, but this type of control costs more than you think. SaaS lets you control your budget and your time, and that's more important than holding your own software licenses.

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