Chad VanCalster


Chad is a software developer and serial entrepreneur who has founded three software companies to date.

Through his previous website development company, Chad managed a profitable portfolio of 350+ clients for over a decade. Chad’s first company, Commish Software exited for an undisclosed amount to an undisclosed buyer (NDA in effect) in 2008.  The web design company merged with another digital marketing company prior to Chad selling his interest in the company in 2018 to focus on QOLOS full-time.

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Josiah Mouw

Technical Advisor/Board Member

Josiah Mouw is a seasoned enterprise technology professional specializing in delivery, implementation and IT strategy for companies ranging in size from pre-money startups to Fortune 100.

He has a penchant (and passion) for Corporate Innovation and has worked with several teams to launch and mature new products, often flexing into a variety of roles depending on customer needs. Industries include Technology Consulting, Automotive, Defense, Heavy Manufacturing, EMS, Insurance and Aerospace among many others.

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Josh Shafeman

Technical Advisor

Josh is an Experienced Technology Leader focused on continuous improvement, DevSecOps, and building high performing organizations across many industries.

He is passionate about growing the next generation of IT professionals with strong professional skills across many technology stacks (.Net, Java, Javascript, Unity3d) and organizational operational models (Lean, Agile, DevOps, Servant Leadership).  Josh is the co-owner of TanDuo.

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