Salons Are Getting Into the Subscription Game

It's always better to be at the starting of a trend than behind it, and the salon business model is changing.   Salons like Society in LA are looking to increase revenue and brand loyalty by adding the salon service as a subscription.     

What is a Salon Service as a Subscription? (SSaaS?)

Yes, we are generating new terms!  The salon subscription is a monthly membership that gives both the consumer and the salon owner certain benefits.  For the salon owner, it's a better business model that provides predictable revenue.  For the consumer, the benefits include discounted products and the convenience of a streamlined payment system. 

What?  Another Subscription?  

You might be thinking... "there's no way I want to add another subscription".  With subscription services like Netflix, Hulu. and even pet food services like Chewy, it may seem like a lot.  But, you do it anyway because it's more convenient.  With salon services that you need monthly anyway, it makes sense to add them to your subscription inventory.  It makes even more sense when you start to add in additional benefits such as discounts on in-store purchases.

As a Salon Owner, What Benefits Do I Get?

The biggest benefit is predictable revenue  Imagine knowing a baseline of revenue guaranteed to come in each month.   This information allows you to make better decisions on expenses like inventory and new hires.

Another benefit is loyalty.  Customers sometimes follow the stylist.  With subscription services, the subscription is owned by the Salon, not the stylist, making it harder for the customers to switch to the salon the stylist went to.

Don't Miss Out!

The board members at Blockbuster sat around a table and decided that Netflix's subscription service wasn't going to impact them. We know how that story ends.  The subscription service model is coming like a truck.  The question is are you ready?

QOLOS Simplifies the Barrier to Entry

Customers need to be able to register and pay for services and when their monthly payment fails, to sign in and update payment information.   The good news is that QOLOS makes this super easy.   If you are interested in a demo, contact the customer success team at

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