Nonprofit Donations: $50 now, or $10 per month?

As any nonprofit knows, donations are the lifeblood of your business.  You do everything in your power to find that person that is willing to separate from their money to donate it to your cause.   Now that you have that person at the door (virtually or in-person), what do you do?  What's the ask?  

Usually, the person will give what they can.  If it's a cash transaction, it may be a $10 or $20 bill - whatever they have in their wallet.   If it's a credit card, it's whatever they feel they can give at the moment.  Statistics show that people will give more over time than once as a one-time donation.   Why don't you give that person the option to donate monthly?

I know the answer to that - it's because a one-time fee is easier and cheaper to set up on your website.   As a nonprofit, you don't have 10s of thousands of dollars to set up a fancy website to collect the money.  Then what happens when the person credit card changes?  "Ugh" is the right answer.

QOLOS is changing that.  QOLOS makes it easy to sign up new monthly donations (as well as 1-time donations).   It doesn't end there though.  With QOLOS' management platform, nonprofits can manage those donations, view reports, and manage customer accounts from anywhere with an internet connection.

There is no setup fee with QOLOS, so it's easy to try.   Contact me directly and I'll personally give you a demo:

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Qolos has managed our website for the past 6 years. Chad designed the perfect platform for our e commerce business to manage orders, payment processing, fulfillment to an organized customer data base. Customer service is excellent and always responsive to immediate needs.

Greg LuqueEveryday Cardio Care

When our Non-Profit organization needed a website redesign and web hosting, we chose QOLOS and couldn't be more pleased. They are very professional, experienced and creative. Whenever I need something, they jump on it right away. This is a top-notch company that I highly recommend. We LOVE our new website and we are seeing the results we wanted. Thank You QOLOS! Keep up the great work!

Leigh DarityKitty Angel Rescue

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