Online Billing.

Invoice your customers and allow them to login and pay securely on your very own website!

Pay Online

Unpaid invoices can be paid easily and your customers can pay multiple invoices in one payment.

Payment Methods

Collecting credit card data is insecure and clumsy over the phone/email. QOLOS makes this easy with the customer portal.

Automatic Reminders

Send reminders for payment at a pace that you predefine. Want to annoy your customers every day? We can do that. The default is to send a reminder on day 3, 7 and 15 after a failed payment.


Create invoices for your products and services and send them to your clients. Remember, they can pay online!!! No more paper invoices.


Any products and/or services, or group there-of, can be invoiced to the customer.


Our onlvine billing comes in two parts: the admin panel and the customer panel. The admin panel allows you to manage all your customer data, while the customer panel allows your customers to make their own payments - right from your own website.

It's a true "do-it-yourself" system that saves you time and money!

Are you still receiving checks?

  • B2B check payments have now fallen by nearly 50 percent since 2004, when they were at 81 percent. (AFP Electronic Payments Survey, 2019)
  • Physical invoices are clunky and expensive to process manually, taking an average of 6 days to process at a cost of $16 to $22 per invoice. (The Street, 2019)
  • It takes B2B businesses an average of ~30 days to complete a payment, and around 47 percent of the suppliers are paid late for their products or services. (Deloitte, 2019)

Cashless and contactless payments have grown rapidly as a preferred payment option among consumers and businesses. These digital options have become popular because they make it simpler and more seamless for customers to make payments and for merchants to get paid.

The number of people using digital wallets will increase from 2.3 billion this year to nearly 4 billion, or 50% of the world’s population, by 2024 (Juniper Research, 2019).

Top-notch. They do what they say.

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I highly recommend QOLOS for all of your social media/marketing needs. I hired them for my website and I keep getting compliments! Chad goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the service. You can't get quality like that for the price!

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