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You aren't a web designer, so why do the current marketplace of Content Management Systems expect you to be? Our approach to content management is to place the expertise where it belongs. That puts content in your hands, and design in ours.


User friendly features

Our CMS is a user-friendly program that enables any approved team member to upload text and images or edit files online — with no need for development experience.

Quick and easy page management

Any approved user can quickly and easily publish webpages without complicated software or programming.


Security is automatically given, constantly maintained, and ultimately upheld.

Consistent brand and navigation

Provides a consistent brand image and standard navigation across your website.

Search engine-friendly

The CMS helps to optimize your website so that search engines can easily find your information.

Design is separate from content

You can manipulate content without fear of accidentally changing the design.

Mobile ready

The CMS automatically scales your site to fit tablets, mobile devices and smaller browser windows.

Updates & Upgrades

Since your CMS is in the cloud, you get all the benefits of the cloud, including software updates and upgrades - automatically.

Cost Effective and Affordable

With a content management system in place, you no longer have to rely on a web developer to make common site changes. You can instantly make these changes yourself exactly when you need them done.


Smartphones and other mobile devices are more popular than ever before (and they are not going anywhere anytime soon), so optimizing your website for mobile isn’t just a trend or a side option, like it might have been in years past.

Today, making your website mobile-friendly is an absolute must. If you do the research, the experts will all tell you the same thing, and they’re right. Mobile is where your customers are – so it’s also where you should be.

In UX development, the focus is on whether the interactions, process, flow, and overall experience of the application works for the end user. Is the application intuitive, imple (not simplistic) and, most importantly, does it meet the user’s goals?

At QOLOS, we are always ahead of the curve. Our developers continually work to explore new technologies, methods, and techniques in markup creation as well as CMS implementation platforms. All the developers assigned to your project are trained internally to maintain the high-quality standards of QOLOS.

SEO Compliant Website – Get found on Google!

As expected, a SEO friendly website will get you more traffic from search engines as it is likely to run higher in the SERPS (search engine results pages).

I wholeheartedly recommend QOLOS to anyone in need of top-notch website services. Their talented team will go above and beyond to bring your vision to life and create a digital platform that stands out in today's competitive online landscape. Partnering with QOLOS was one of the best decisions I made for my business, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future." 

Nate NelsonPuff Bar

I have worked with the team at QOLOS for years and they have always provided me with a quick and expert response. I highly recommend them for your website needs.

Jason BahamundiTravel Host

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